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76 Cute Snapchat Usernames for Girls

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a self deleting picture texting app. You download it and sign up. To add people click the list button and search bar.  To send a snap click the camera button and snap a photo. Click the screen to add text. And click the bottom right button to select a friend to send it to. In short it’s just like sending picture messages to each other.
Snapchat app is the latest rage among the teenage boys and cute girls, but females are showing more interest toward this interesting app because the trend shows that every second girl on Snapchat wants a unique and more attractive username. This is the reason why girls are changing their screen names on Snapchat so frequently. They send pictures or videos to each other and set a time limit...up to 10 seconds before their message/pictures will disappear from the recipient’s cell phone.
Is Snapchat really as popular as people make it out to be? Add a username from the list below or post your Snapchat name here and wait for the…

What is KIK Me? A Trick to Get Girl Usernames

What is the meaning of KIK Me? This term is mostly used by crazy boys on the Facebook and it means, I am getting bored and looking for a cute girl to start chat on KiK messenger. Girls must be aware about this trick, smart girls must avoid sharing their KiK usernames on social sites. 
KIK is not giving you the real life on the Smartphones. KIK messenger is just an app on the apps store of Android and iPhone. It is an application, a chat messenger, a social networking tool if you want to sound like a hipster but the one thing that makes it unique is the thing that makes it the same. Therefore, all internet rules apply. Granted there will not be hundreds of boys and girls yelling their usernames like nuts but the laws of the internet still apply. If you choose to actually "be you" on KIK app and have your real name, it would be more awesome.
If you have a funny but unique nickname on KiK you must understand the fact that, just like other apps, people will be people. They will…

Newly Added KIK Girls Usernames

Pick a KIK Girl Username and start chat!
KIK now become the most popular anonymous chat messenger for all Smartphones including Android and iPhone, but you still need a username and password to start chat on KiK, so what makes it anonymous? Because it allows you to start with anyone, anytime, anywhere without any restriction or privacy policy! You just type a username of any girl or guy and start anonymous chat without adding a contact into your messenger list.
Most of the KiK users are coming from America, India, Pakistan and Gulf countries, and 35 to 40% of users are females. So most of the guys on KIK are looking for girls’ usernames, same some girls are also searching guy’s usernames on the Internet and most of the people got nothing but fake cheaters and spammers. On this page you will discover a big list of newly added usernames of KiK girls, plus you can also try these names on Snapchat as well because most of the girls like to use same nicknames for all their social networking…

120 Funny Names for Instagram Girls

Girls on Instagram like hilarious and cute usernames for their Instagram profile page because a funny name shows a really fun and unique in their real life.
Grab a funny username for cool girls!
A registered user on Instagram can easily change or edit his/her username with a single click; this overwhelming option spread the trend of unique and cute Instagram usernames among both boys and girls. Now every second user on Instagram changes his/her screen name once or twice in a month.
If you want a unique recognition among all ordinary Instagram users than what is stopping you to change your old and bored name into a stylish and attractive profile name? In this post you can only grab a girly name, but don’t you worry I will publish a separate post only for guys Instagram usernames.
The following list of profile names is just not ended here but you can use your mind's eye and creativity to edit a chosen name by adding your nickname, lucky number, birth dates, etc. If you are extra cl…