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What is KIK Me? A Trick to Get Girl Usernames

What is the meaning of KIK Me?
This term is mostly used by crazy boys on the Facebook and it means, I am getting bored and looking for a cute girl to start chat on KiK messenger. Girls must be aware about this trick, smart girls must avoid sharing their KiK usernames on social sites. 

KIK is not giving you the real life on the Smartphones. KIK messenger is just an app on the apps store of Android and iPhone. It is an application, a chat messenger, a social networking tool if you want to sound like a hipster but the one thing that makes it unique is the thing that makes it the same. Therefore, all internet rules apply. Granted there will not be hundreds of boys and girls yelling their usernames like nuts but the laws of the internet still apply. If you choose to actually "be you" on KIK app and have your real name, it would be more awesome.

If you have a funny but unique nickname on KiK you must understand the fact that, just like other apps, people will be people. They will agree, disagree, troll you, make fun of you, and anything under the bridge you can imagine. There is a reason KIK does not have a "Dislike" button, it would be used far more frequently than the like button turning this into weird chat app. Instead people have to come out and disagree with other people on a user-to-user base experience. (Note: I did not say "Person-to-person") If you don't like what someone said, delete it. If you constantly don't like what a person says, block/delete him/her.

You are lucky, most other apps do not let you delete contacts and/or block users so you just get to deal with it, so deal with it. I am willing to bet that 99% of the people I know on KIK messenger only use their smartphones for media (i.e. music, movies, TV shows, gaming) and Facebook. I know that there is an insurmountable wealth of knowledge literally at your fingertips and you choose to waste it listening to the new Nikki Minaj track and watching people fall down on YouTube. Share your old boring meme's you didn't come up with, that aren't even remotely close to what they were intended for, that you think define you. Share more images because you aren't witty enough to write even a few lines of a quote on a picture. Guess what, the "Epic Win Kid" is eating sand. That's the look on his face. I hope that ruins it the next time you see it. Those of us that try to fully utilize this amazing invention also know where its weak points are. They're you.

The unknowing participant in this digital circus we make jokes, you get mad, and we win. You ask a question, we show you how stupid you are for asking KIK Me on Instagram and Facebook but not being able to find it on the internet. Spelling mistakes, we'll correct you because you obviously don't understand the squiggly red error line under the way you typed it. Is it Devil’s advocates? Yeah they are called "Trolls", and we've got trolls that will make you cry and hate this wonderful app.

If you find yourself saying/typing anything even remotely like this, in reference to KIK Me, you either lost sight of where you really were or never knew in the first place. If you find yourself hurt (because that is what it is called here) over something, take a catchy and clever username and you are welcome to the world of KIK messenger.


  1. Kik me at : Pramen4u
    Sweet boy here just checkout

  2. Pramen4u

    Kik me am waiting

  3. coolboyforgirl

    kik me girls i am waiting

  4. Kik me @Originalsavage_

  5. dave22e Male 22
    indian girls and forign girls can kik me

  6. Kik me girls

    I m 24 from Bombay

    India girls most welcome

    My KIK ID ssatbande234

  7. Kik me on vrl19

    I am 24 year old boy from Gujarat


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