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Cute Motivational Weight Loss Team Names

Are you interested in making a local weight loss team in your gym, delivering better health, weight loss, Fit clubs and better body challenges across your area? Are you Ready to start a weight loss challenge today for your future life, you must get your eye on a personal 8lb and to join a gym membership along with a lot of teammates. What still surprises me is how much progress the body can make when it is well nourished and workout with a good team and for a good weight loss team you also required an inspiring name for your team.
Ok it’s time to actually get serious about weight loss; I am awake right now because I had a bad dream about being fat. And I know how that sounds. But at the moment I can barely squeeze into my jeans and I just feel constantly uncomfortable in my clothes. So I am making a promise to start doing a workout every day that makes me sweat! And to drink lots of water! By New Years I want to be back down to fit into my clothes and feeling good about my body agai…

Cute WiFi Network Names List

Most of the time when we are trying to connect our smart phone, laptop or iPad in public areas we got a long or short list of WiFi network connections with common and funny names, this is clever because people do not want to connect anonymous people with their personal WiFi connections and they also make fun of these people by putting hilarious names for their wireless connections. 
So you've decided to change your WiFi name in your apartment weekly. It's currently "free virus here", "FBI Surveillance Van" or something else? I have some good name ideas for your upcoming change that would be so cool. Cute WiFi Network Names List Funny WiFi NamesFlashing WiFi shoesSuddenly disappearAround the contactsBut no luckAny ideasSearching online for answersBackup before connectingNo enough spaceMind ConnectedFreaky Family HereYou’re Girlfriend FriendYour E HereNo Debt AllowWhat is your Karma?Hall of ShameBetter RunNarrow EscapeBullet Proof ConnectionNinja Living HereMa…

Cute Fantasy Football Team Names

All boys and girls love watching football games. It's a great sport but there is something much more exciting than real football or anything else for that matter...and it is my fantasy football team where you have a total control over power ratings and you can gain points with your personal efforts. The real fun always starts with a pick of hilarious and cute football team name and beat the other fantasy teams super fast. It always gives me a super satisfaction when I see the funny name of my fantasy team on the top of the ranking list.
ESPN, NBA and NFL and so many other big sports brands are given free opportunities to build a fantasy football team for all football lovers. Mostly people like to pick a cool and somewhat funny team name on this point gaining sites. I mean, there might as well be a team named the "Fat Belly’s" with a fat guy as the mascot, or a team named the "LowHeights" with a small height guy as the mascot. It's equally as offensive and …

Funny Names for WiFi

Do you need help in picking a funny WiFi router name? Don’t worry and enjoy my weird list of humorous wireless connection username ideas. So if you finally got the wireless internet working! Now you just need a cool name for your WiFi connection. You must like my awesome suggestions for your WiFi username; you can also give me more funny suggestions in the comments below. Funny Names for WiFi DIY-DomTrauma JunkiePromised LANClever Mind BurnerPretty FlyStrict DaddyBBC-for-your-womanI am junk cleanerCreative GateWiFi go hardFind me we can split the billBomb. data collectionBetter you lostWhat the hellDon’t follow meNever EverAnything ElseReally Shocked

Funny Chinese Names

I Always have to argue, but anyhow I was going to have a cool Chinese name in the Facebook but of course my friends wanted to charge me extra, they were just cheap with the serving and you asked for more and they say you pay extra, well screw that I said never mind I will go somewhere else lol so I cannot leave my new nickname and went to the Tumblr or MySpace, and of course they screwed up my name again. I wanted a little fun in my nickname so I got a Chinese screen name.
My Chinese names are beautiful in every single way, words can't bring me down so don't bring me down today. Everyone got a beautiful name in their own way. I am beautiful; you are beautiful we all are beautiful. If I did something to you need to tell me what I did instead of acting strange to me. Funny Chinese Names Alyssa ChanMarcos SouzaAngelina LimMesh MeshMitsueki AdemaroSum Ting WongGillian GanGlenn ChiaKezia Patresya HarmenFerry LeeNana Nicky HiuEllen GloriosaRara RerePina ChunLita ChiantaniLoVi ANaAloe…

Clever Instagram Usernames for Boys

I wonder if it's a good or a bad thing that you still do not have Instagram. Apparently you aren't as smart as you should be or portray yourselves on the Instagram videos and photos. Believe me sensation sells! I blew up back in the day when I made a video called "Danger" it is no longer on the Instagram but it gone viral because my usernames was also “Mr. -Danger”. A few people tried replicating it and there are a few tribute videos that you can still watch that recreate how "remarkable" the video was. So what is the point here? A cleverly chosen username can make you popular and your photos/videos viral on the Instagram in a very short time. Clever Instagram Usernames for Boys Viral WitchSpiral DropChronic BeautyClassical JohnWild PaulGold TubeThirteenth CommandMiddle RuleTrucker 89Biker 45Racer 11Flyer DavidMonkey 77Blacksmith KnifeBarber CutBlade BenCobra PunLofty FarmJacob Beautiful MindGrip YorkAsparagus PlanD HistoryK CleverOnly NonsenseSuper StupidG…

Funny Indian Names for Girls

Indian is another fast growing country in the modern world, now parents like stylish names for their baby girls and mature girls do not feel any hesitation to pick a clever nickname. Most of these names are inspired from Indian TV dramas and Bollywood actresses, but the following list is based on totally fresh and brand new name ideas.
A cute message from an Indian girl: I'm my own person, I do me. I don't worry about what other people think of me, because it doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you got to prove them wrong. You don't like what is my name? Or what is my nickname? What I wear? Or how I dress? Ok, don't look. You don't like my attitude? Don't talk to me. It's SIMPLE! So, everyone who is so caught up in my business talking about me or whatever worries about you, not me! Because, for 1: I'm not out in the streets on drugs. 2: I'm not out here getting pregnant. 3: I have a life, and I know right from wron…