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Cute WiFi Network Names List

Most of the time when we are trying to connect our smart phone, laptop or iPad in public areas we got a long or short list of WiFi network connections with common and funny names, this is clever because people do not want to connect anonymous people with their personal WiFi connections and they also make fun of these people by putting hilarious names for their wireless connections. 

So you've decided to change your WiFi name in your apartment weekly. It's currently "free virus here", "FBI Surveillance Van" or something else? I have some good name ideas for your upcoming change that would be so cool.

Cute WiFi Network Names List

Cute WiFi Network Names 
  • Funny WiFi Names
  • Flashing WiFi shoes
  • Suddenly disappear
  • Around the contacts
  • But no luck
  • Any ideas
  • Searching online for answers
  • Backup before connecting
  • No enough space
  • Mind Connected
  • Freaky Family Here
  • You’re Girlfriend Friend
  • Your E Here
  • No Debt Allow
  • What is your Karma?
  • Hall of Shame
  • Better Run
  • Narrow Escape
  • Bullet Proof Connection
  • Ninja Living Here
  • Master of Hackers
  • Virus Academy
  • Virtual Nonsense
  • I am not busy
  • Let’s fix a date
  • Oh you Again
  • Keep Calm and get lost
  • Keep calm and stay away
  • Keep calm and try some other
  • Credit Banned
  • Apply for WiFi Loan
  • You made a good try
  • Are you serious?
  • Virus from Venus
  • Your wife is not here
  • You may be kidnapped
  • Connect at your own risk
  • Chinese hackers here
  • Area 51 Opened
  • Reserved for Wrongs
  • Smoky Eyes watching you
  • Free WiFi for coffee
  • Proximity and geography
  • Afternoon programs
  • Hotspot rehearsals
  • Get us dressed
  • Walking distance
  • You are cheaper
  • Constant updating
  • Hard to resist
  • Pay through the nose
  • Bloody privileges
  • Massive advertising campaign
  • Lose stuff
  • Cool strap line
  • Hackers Specifications
  • Only for above 99
  • Only for Cutes
  • Not for cheaters
  • Sorry Your Visa card is expired
  • No room for freebies
  • Wash your face first
  • I am a horrible dentist
  • Spiders House
  • Witch Station
  • Welcome to Dark land
  • Dracula sensation
  • Princess Guard
  • Green Net
  • Black Monday
  • Leo Girls Only
  • For Bankrupts only
I will update this list of weird WiFi names, time to time plus you can also share freaky name ideas here.
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