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Funny Chinese Names

I Always have to argue, but anyhow I was going to have a cool Chinese name in the Facebook but of course my friends wanted to charge me extra, they were just cheap with the serving and you asked for more and they say you pay extra, well screw that I said never mind I will go somewhere else lol so I cannot leave my new nickname and went to the Tumblr or MySpace, and of course they screwed up my name again. I wanted a little fun in my nickname so I got a Chinese screen name.

My Chinese names are beautiful in every single way, words can't bring me down so don't bring me down today. Everyone got a beautiful name in their own way. I am beautiful; you are beautiful we all are beautiful. If I did something to you need to tell me what I did instead of acting strange to me.

Funny Chinese Names

Funny Chinese Names
  1. Alyssa Chan
  2. Marcos Souza
  3. Angelina Lim
  4. Mesh Mesh
  5. Mitsueki Ademaro
  6. Sum Ting Wong
  7. Gillian Gan
  8. Glenn Chia
  9. Kezia Patresya Harmen
  10. Ferry Lee
  11. Nana Nicky Hiu
  12. Ellen Gloriosa
  13. Rara Rere
  14. Pina Chun
  15. Lita Chiantani
  16. LoVi ANa
  17. Aloe Vera Agung
  18. Lim Sudiyanto
  19. Fung Fiona
  20. Restina Places
  21. Hanny Purnomo
  22. Santoso Yohanes
  23. Jiere Catherine
  24. Priscillia Aline
  25. Nathalie
  26. Helen Zhong
  27. Calvin Sulaiman
  28. Andre Octavianus
  29. Mei Mei
  30. Mariani Mamar
  31. Taufiq Arrahman
  32. Rokim Baru
  33. Tommy Say
  34. Tomew Immanuel
  35. Joshua Waldy
  36. Goulans Julianto
  37. Nathan Esther
  38. Carolina
  39. Lovely Dzia
  40. Mark Alexander
  41. Anggelicia Caca
  42. Dezy Iswari
  43. Eva Novita S
  44. ari Alvonsus
  45. Pieter Vera
  46. Wati Yessica
  47. Lie Hendi Tjia
  48. Rara Rere
  49. Michelle Low
  50. Kenneth Keung
  51. Tan Kien
  52. Hwa Estelle
  53. Yang Edwin
  54. Jauri Rachel
  55. Chong Jia
  56. Min RuiJun
  57. Ang Bogdan
  58. Aleksandrovich Shaodolski
  59. Mexes Ng
  60. Amos Tan
  61. Ervin Sim
  62. Gerald Koh
  63. Rong Hao
  64. Pauline Shien
  65. Lin Teo
  66. Ching Hung
  67. Jon Kwok
  68. Pearlyn Loh
  69. Louis Loo
  70. Terence Leong
  71. Linxuan Tseng
  72. Germaine Tay
  73. Mirelle Chen
  74. Jia Li
  75. Ho Joy
  76. Neo Sam
  77. Tsui Sze
  78. Ying Leong
  79. Joan Ong
  80. Yeoh Siew
  81. Hoon
  82. Dean Tan
  83. Han Yang
  84. Lau Luqi
  85. Liew Ng Li
  86. Ying Simon
  87. Foo Kok
  88. Hsien Natalie
  89. Hong Jeremy
  90. Foo Mei Chen
  91. Shi Hua
  92. Richelle Natalie
  93. Hong Weizhen L.
  94. Goh Jing
  95. Wen Stella
  96. Khoo Kwek
  97. Ee Ling
  98. Teo Chee
  99. How Luqi
  100. Liew Wong
  101. Hui Mei
  102. Tan Tuan
  103. Chun Chop
  104. Chung Shun
  105. Ay Yap
  106. HuiZhen
  107. Sin Natalie
  108. Hong Goggles
  109. Liou Aiting
  110. Wong Firen
  111. Tan Gary Fong
  112. Yichun Lin
  113. Nicole Leow
  114. Wong Hui Mei
  115. Fisa MD Hasni
  116. Amy Lo
  117. Jane Chien
  118. Pin Jan Goh
  119. Estelle Yang
  120. Alan Tan Ai
  121. Hock Ct Khoo
  122. Danquah Merchong
  123. Yeoh Siew
  124. Hoon Kian
  125. Huat Tan
  126. Tan Bee Kam
  127. Lee Kayhuat
  128. Jon Kwok
  129. Kelvin Matthew
  130. Tan Nowelle
  131. Tan Hui Xin
  132. Lee Lisy Teng
  133. Hui Li Yiwen
  134. Tan Glenn
  135. Lum Linda
  136. Teo Jean
  137. Teo Jon Kwok
  138. Gary Lim
  139. Huishan Bai
  140. Li Teng Tan
  141. Alvin Choo
  142. Shiwei Tan
  143. Jean Ong
  144. Ong Chin
  145. Wen Joanna
  146. Lo Jieying Foo
  147. Kit Chew
  148. Jx Ho Gerald
  149. Chau Monica
  150. Lim Daryl
  151. Tan Janice
  152. Low Charmaine
  153. Tan Jeremy
  154. Fernando Paul
  155. Carricano
  156. Priscilla Leow
  157. Myra Sweets
  158. Esther Li Naomi
  159. Joseph-Trott
  160. Jonathan Toh
  161. Ada Wong
  162. Freddie Ablazed
  163. Sophie Darvill
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So many people like foods to eat especially in restaurants and wedding parties, now the trend is a bit changed because people also like to have Chinese nicknames. You can select a cute name both for boys and girls in this list or you can also give a funny name to your girlfriend or boyfriend as well.
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  1. Imagine when you wake up today and found out that your country has been sold to china and everyone has to change her/his name to Chinese. Which name do you think suits you.


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