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Funny Indian Names for Girls

Indian is another fast growing country in the modern world, now parents like stylish names for their baby girls and mature girls do not feel any hesitation to pick a clever nickname. Most of these names are inspired from Indian TV dramas and Bollywood actresses, but the following list is based on totally fresh and brand new name ideas.

A cute message from an Indian girl: I'm my own person, I do me. I don't worry about what other people think of me, because it doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you got to prove them wrong. You don't like what is my name? Or what is my nickname? What I wear? Or how I dress? Ok, don't look. You don't like my attitude? Don't talk to me. It's SIMPLE! So, everyone who is so caught up in my business talking about me or whatever worries about you, not me! Because, for
1: I'm not out in the streets on drugs.
2: I'm not out here getting pregnant.
3: I have a life, and I know right from wrong

Funny Indian Names for Girls

  1. Sikh Princes
  2. Solo Katrina
  3. Clever Sweetie
  4. Naughty Sana
  5. Bingo Sapna
  6. Fearful Kareena
  7. Fast Mia
  8. Fat Seta
  9. Stubborn Seri
  10. Viral Lizzi
  11. Oops Kato
  12. Crazy Kissy
  13. Tulsi Rider
  14. Careless Neha
  15. Nitro Anja
  16. Broken Ropy
  17. Final Rani
  18. Greedy Reema
  19. Violent Bebo
  20. Fire Vision
  21. Punjabi
  22. Buzz Pune
  23. Tamil
  24. Mumbai
  25. Becky Delta
  26. Dream
  27. Bollywood Filmy
  28. Family
  29. Freaky
  30. Yummy
  31. Victorious
  32. Fire
  33. Blissful
  34. Timeless
  35. Bubble
  36. Bacon
  37. Rupee
  38. Zoo Wise
  39. Desire
  40. Ignorant
  41. Spring
  42. Flute
  43. Fear
  44. Running Wife
  45. Boo Wax
  46. Wisdom
  47. Bad Sandal
  48. Up Shadow
  49. Under Clever
  50. Miss Meek
  51. O Sunlight
  52. Sticky Sand
  53. Cotton Drum
  54. Empty Dil
  55. Mind Drill
  56. Lizard Sonia
  57. Star plus Kin
  58. Zee Gal
  59. DD Gun
  60. Mud Pure
  61. Black Light
  62. Weird Forever
  63. Wicked Nectar
  64. Awful Deathless
If you are treated poorly or unfairly by others, you have two choices: you can spend your time and energy hating them and demanding they treat you well and fairly or you can use your time and energy to create happiness and success in spite of their judgments about you. It isn't easy, but it is the only choice if you don't want them to live rent free in your head and eat away at your life.


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  2. Oh dear I am looking for some cute native american girly names but here are Hindu names every where.


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