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Funny Names for WiFi

Do you need help in picking a funny WiFi router name? Don’t worry and enjoy my weird list of humorous wireless connection username ideas. So if you finally got the wireless internet working! Now you just need a cool name for your WiFi connection. You must like my awesome suggestions for your WiFi username; you can also give me more funny suggestions in the comments below.

Funny Names for WiFi

Funny Names for WiFi
  1. DIY-Dom
  2. Trauma Junkie
  3. Promised LAN
  4. Clever Mind Burner
  5. Pretty Fly
  6. Strict Daddy
  7. BBC-for-your-woman
  8. I am junk cleaner
  9. Creative Gate
  10. WiFi go hard
  11. Find me we can split the bill
  12. Bomb.
  13. NSA data collection
  14. Better you lost
  15. What the hell
  16. Don’t follow me
  17. Never Ever
  18. Anything Else
  19. Really Shocked
  20. You are dismiss
  21. You must be clever
  22. You are fired
  23. Niggas next door
  24. SurveillenceVan3
  25. Where are $
  26. We pay you pay
  27. Hands up
  28. I am weird
  29. Burns when IP
  30. Guess my mind
  31. Why Me
  32. First give me 10 likes
  33. Better you go away
  34. No Password for Nonsense
  35. Ask your mom first
  36. Are you mad?
  37. Don’t Mess with (your name)
  38. The password is your momma name
  39. What is your problem?
  40. Free-weed-if-you-hack-me
  41. Grey light
  42. Son you r blocked
  43. Be Honest
  44. Don’t be so late
  45. Avoid Me
  46. OK Call 911
  47. Angry Bird Activated
  48. Don’t’ create troubles
  49. This is my WiFi not your home
  50. Boot Camp
  51. Come one the door is open
  52. I am not your mom
  53. It’s unconfident
  54. Call me Daddy
  55. Dram is on
  56. Try somewhere else
  57. Lost in 3 Sec
  58. ABC XYZ
  59. Next time buddy
  60. Call me Sir
  61. Better you stay away
  62. Toilet is full
  63. First give your cell number
  64. You are under Arrest
  65. Twerk First
  66. Air Force One Hotspot
  67. It’s not for kids
  68. Nice Try It’s Secured
  69. May I know you?
  70. No Room for Monkeys
  71. Get Lost Stupid
  72. All Neighbors Must Die
  73. Get your own WiFi
  74. Dude you crack me up
  75. Evil computer overlords
  76. Obama’s eyes
  77. Do not enter
  78. Connect for self destruct
  79. It hurts when I fart
  80. Fat girl fly
  81. Catchy Criminals
  82. Clear Area 51
  83. Wife Mode Relax
  84. I am not ready
  85. Karma will bite you
  86. What are your measurements?
  87. Local Gangster
  88. Viral Watcher
  89. Pretty
  90. W2O Formula
  91. Fun Formula
  92. New WiFi Order
  93. Welcome to Freaky Network
  94. Dead Science
  95. Darling Dongle
  96. You can’t afford me
  97. Latecomers not allowed
  98. Open for affairs
  99. My password is stolen
  100. Did you quit smoking?
  101. We are brain cleaner
  102. I am on Mars
  103. You are little late
  104. You are not lucky
  105. My name is Karma
  106. Breakup Queen
  107. Low Quality Here
  108. I am Virus 32
  109. WiFi in Wonderland
  110. H1N1 Infected
  111. Zero Networth
  112. Hack Scheme
  113. Call Me for Password
  114. Busy in Toilet
Tech Lesson about WiFi names:

Each wireless router that has the same name cuts the WiFi processing speed in half. For example if one wireless router is 54 Mbps [All 802.11g (most routers a year old or more) wireless routers run at 54 Mbps at its fastest], a second with the same name will cut both wireless routers' processing speeds in half so with two wireless routers each wireless router will have 27Mbps. 3 wireless routers would be 18Mbps and so on. With about 16 wireless routers using the same name at 300Mbps each wireless router can only process 18.75Mbps. The current fastest WiFi speed is 600Mbps [Wireless-N (most current wireless routers)]. It is called Wireless Repeating. Enjoy the Tech Lesson of the Day, until next time...

If things get horrible in the world and people are looking after you, discard your phones, iPods, and anything that tracks WiFi because most of these devices usually have GPS installed as well, so they know where you are easily.
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