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100 Cute Puppy Names

Everyone else is having baby fever and some just having puppy fever. You may just need something cute and little to cuddle with and I have some great name ideas for your little male/female puppy so you just need to adopt or buy a cute little puppy as soon as possible.
Yesterday I was watching a cute kid play keep away with a little puppy at the bus stop. They were so cute falling over each other trying to catch him. That was one happy dog! My dog is sleeping and must be dreaming about eating a bone... he's happily smacking his chops, grinding his teeth and clicking away...cute! Pick a cute puppy name for your little dog! Ruby Ruff Hillock Rover Ted Lobo Ginger Roxie Blue Wolfe Retro Piper Shifty Stroller Boxer Sandy Jewel Monster Tiger Poncho Frodo Trouble Bree Demi Cute Cut Icon Skier Chew Louie Rudy Sand Rock Ricky Lulu Mickey Rex Spot Juggler Jong Bill

Funny Vampire Names for Girls

The trend of cute and funny girly Vampire names just not limited for games, movies, Halloween or scary drama series. Parents of today’s modern society now feel a pleasure to pick vampire names for their new born babies, teen girls and boys like to pick vampire usernames for their screen names on famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
Funny vampire names for cute girls!
The trend of such names highly increased after the success of the Twilight movie, now Hollywood and big game development companies also making more fantasy and animated movies on Vampires and wolfman topics. I personally I love such TV shows! I cannot wait for an American horror story and the vampire diaries though! I wish I was a vampire so I could turn off my humanity switch. Anyone who uses the word "Dracula" should literally have their brain removed from their skulls and donated to someone who is going to get more use from it. The word vampire and Dracula were first used in Serbian la…

Funny Facebook Names to Change

The funny thing about Facebook is that folks who don't like you, like your cool usernames, statuses, friend you, and follow you. Deep inside, they hate you because they want to be you. You are their addiction. You motivate them. You excite them. You anger them. You fuel their passion and their posts. They copy your naming style. They critique your every word. They say you don't have a life. Maybe I don't. Because they stole my life trying to be me! They have it bad. They really want your attention!
These are pure English name ideas for all teenager boys and girls from USA, UK, India, Pakistan and Canada. Some people don't really want to change their names on the Facebook. They say they do, but they don't want it bad enough to work for it.  Funny Facebook names for Girls and Boys The Great GabbyLot of LuckySon of Middle EastBorn for youHeart cracker guyBrilliant Girl TaraRoses of RosaSenior SymbolLove Generator GuyNight GenesDumb and DrummerListen to LoraHighness Hi…

91 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for Girls

Hi girls, did you pick a funny fantasy football team name? As if I had an email from fantasy football website, telling me that I have to change my team name because it's too girly and offensive I don't see how 'Crazy Girls Night' is offensive to anyone!
People in smaller numbers have been opposing it for a long time (i.e. the soft marginalized voice of Native Americans). It's getting more traction these days, which I suppose you could attribute to a team's success. Obviously the Blackhawk’s are a prime example. I've heard more of their logo than in any time in the recent past. It doesn't make it a bad thing. It's good. If more notice means more outrage I'm all for it. Frankly there shouldn't be a team called the racisms. That's just a fact. Hell, they changed the Washington Bullets team name changed to the Washington Wizards, because of gun violence. I think we're ready for a change. Call them the hogs or something. Enjoy a big list…