Funny Vampire Names for Girls

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The trend of cute and funny girly Vampire names just not limited for games, movies, Halloween or scary drama series. Parents of today’s modern society now feel a pleasure to pick vampire names for their new born babies, teen girls and boys like to pick vampire usernames for their screen names on famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Funny vampire names for cute girls!

The trend of such names highly increased after the success of the Twilight movie, now Hollywood and big game development companies also making more fantasy and animated movies on Vampires and wolfman topics. I personally I love such TV shows! I cannot wait for an American horror story and the vampire diaries though! I wish I was a vampire so I could turn off my humanity switch. Anyone who uses the word "Dracula" should literally have their brain removed from their skulls and donated to someone who is going to get more use from it.
Funny vampire names
The word vampire and Dracula were first used in Serbian language early 17th century and then it later translated in British dictionary. Now these fantasy characters are everywhere in horror movies, tattoos, films, cloth-lines, games, etc. I love THE DARK PRINCE. It's the best movie I've seen in 2013. Dracula is surprisingly nice and a brilliant poet. It has great plot twists. The Hollywood Hero archetype finally doesn't get the girl.

Awesome Aura
Becton Bruni
Calamity Chemistry
Chamomile Carmella
Cat of Chalice
Criminal Crimson
Cyan Cindy
Cynic Sun
Dancing Dementia
Dude Diamond
Dover Dream
Scary Echo
Endless Eleanor
Escape Elegiac
Elam End
Dirty Entropy
Armpit Essence
Bacon Eternity
Giga Garnet
Divine Illusion
Malta Imperia
Imago Cone
Ice Ivory
Irmak Egg
Ronny Jezebel
Kaiser Case

Key Kendal
Kinetic Kindle
Laser Lilith
Lizard Lithia
Lola Little
Lovely Lorelei
Lori Pan
Lollipop Loretta
Little Luna
Mocker Maleficent
Maybe Maize
Maple Mercy
Mooch Mirage
Mini Misery
Morgan Moon
Misty Moonlight
Miss Mortician
Ouch Ophelia
Pandora Posh
Porcelain Panda
Rattle Rapture
Rose Rosary
Sober Sable
Skinny Scarlet
Sloppy Seraphim
Samson Severna
Slate of Sioux
Serious Suspire
Totally Theca
Ti Tranquility
Testing Twilight
Velvet Wow
Vampirella Falcon
Velocity Vivian
West Willow
Zachary Moon
Mercy Zillah
Fart of Zima
Tiny Zaire

The Vampire diaries season is really awesome than its predecessor (only watched the first episode) all those dramas, moments are really nice.  Watching it on Saturday evening where the sun is shining mildly and low light exposure to the place I’m watching just adds to the perfect moment to watch this series. And I’m feeling something odd after watching this and beginning to think what would be the world be like if there are vampires, werewolves and all other supernatural creatures living unnoticed by us, humans....
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