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150 Funny Bulldog Names

I have an amazing English bulldog and his name is Pack Pho, I know it’s funny and bit clever dog name idea but I like it. I tried to talk Pack Pho e out of getting our first dog Roscoe because I used to hate when dogs have accidents and now I'm so close to that crazy thing I’d cry if we didn't have him! Who would name their child Hank? Is that short for something? Maybe it’s a good name for a bulldog. Not a human baby! I hate when people name pets on human names. Did you hear that one that was snowing? You would have to get a c-pap machine if you got a bulldog. They all snore like that and they get really bad gas too.
Funny English Bulldog Name Idea! Aspic Style Boxer wood Shadow Nine Boxer Blow Boxer Chan Cute Jingle Xoxo Junior BlueMountain Boxer Sixer Zed Stylish French Fame Boxier Bat Comic Stylish Fetish Stylish Gamer Stylish American Cam Jingle pier Jingle Ring Chrome Bore Jingle seer British Pump Jinks Jingle Junior Blue Pit Bull Junior Vitriolic King Junior Myelin Vit…

Beautiful Flower Names for Girls with Meanings

In ancient days flowers were the sign of love and courage, but now with the flow of time it got another feature. People like to give flower names to their newborn babies, especially to cute little baby girls. There is no doubt that each type of flower and its color has a specific meaning. We already know that every unique name plays an important role on the personality of every individual. These pretty flower names propose the value and role of every person in our society. Because sometimes these are the only words which can convey our thinking and emotions.

Every flower keeps a special note to what people wanted to say or what they wanted to deliver, but did not dare to say it, like a red rose is symbol of love from centuries.
Pick a pretty flower name for your baby girl!
Amber: A symbol of victory Arum: A heart full of affection Aster: A great weakness for love Bluebell: Statue of appreciation Balsam: Eager of love Bryony: A person who know how to hold up Clematis: Full of creativi…

Good Tumblr Usernames/Urls Ideas

Every time my close friends changes their Instagram names I screen shot it, let me see how many I can collect before I post a collage if it. I have decided to create a blog which will include my artistic images, music I am working on, articles and information on making the world a better place, etc. I am trying to decide which website to use. Tumblr, Blog..? Someone suggested a Twitter account, but I really cannot bring myself to create a Twitter account (I have never liked it because it doest not allow to change your username or URL address lately). For those who blog, which website do you prefer? I have made a Tumblr before and did like the way the website worked, so I am leaning in that direction so far. Or perhaps I can rename my current Tumblr and just carry on with that one.
A good list of Tumblr Usernames or URL’s!
Clear Authority Anticipating mission Thailand Dreams International Boss Figment Mind Idolater Girls Evolution of Beauty Relax and Stupid Genuine Laughter Lounge Loud…

Funny Pokemon Names for Character

I've decided that when I start Pokemon X, I’ll name my character either Mehn, Men. Then make a PR video just saying my name.... sparkling. It took the better part of an hour, and a chain of 92, but I caught my first ever Shiny in any Pokemon game. It is a Magikarp. And his name is Nigel. When I caught a Shiny Geodude in the wild, in Soul Silver, I named him nugget. As most know, I've been trying to breed for a shiny Purrloin. After over 250 tries, I threw in the towel and decided to breed a different Pokemon. After 16 eggs, I finally succeeded!! Meet; Charcoal my shiny Charmander and first real shiny Pokemon ever. Rodney named him, not sure if I will keep the name though? I was thinking of changing his name to Asche Zu Asche, which is German for Ashes To Ashes. I'll sleep on it...

All my friends as Pokemon trainers! Ash: Me Misty: Bella Rose Dawn: Caitlyn Colson May: Michelle Elder Cynthia: Lily Makita Volker: Josh Smith Paul: Angel Castillo Officer Jenny: Joy Robinson Nu…

Funny Nicknames for Rude Girlfriends

This list of rude nicknames for girls is for the impolite and ego girls and soon to be for your rude girlfriend so please consider that this is not targeted at all girls, or meant to insult anyone! Some girls are so discourteous in relationships with their husbands and boyfriends! Well I was obviously correct in my opinions. Any real girl wouldn't behave rude like that especially around her guy and any real man would have apologized profusely and tried to repair the damages strait away ...I will no longer be blamed for the way she behaves & acts. What really gets me is they don't have the love words to say it to your face... they text you. In my opinion they are not good enough for you. You deserve much better. I would call it a blessing.
Most of the nicknames I'd called my girlfriend & wife over the years have been some variation of their actual name. I've never really used words like pumpkin, etc. I've used honey now and then or even sweetie once in a wh…