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Beautiful Flower Names for Girls with Meanings

In ancient days flowers were the sign of love and courage, but now with the flow of time it got another feature. People like to give flower names to their newborn babies, especially to cute little baby girls. There is no doubt that each type of flower and its color has a specific meaning. We already know that every unique name plays an important role on the personality of every individual. These pretty flower names propose the value and role of every person in our society. Because sometimes these are the only words which can convey our thinking and emotions.

Flower Names for Girls
Every flower keeps a special note to what people wanted to say or what they wanted to deliver, but did not dare to say it, like a red rose is symbol of love from centuries.

Pick a pretty flower name for your baby girl!

Amber: A symbol of victory
Arum: A heart full of affection
Aster: A great weakness for love
Bluebell: Statue of appreciation
Balsam: Eager of love
Bryony: A person who know how to hold up
Clematis: Full of creativity
Chamomile: Different from all others
Crocus: Full of pleasure
Daffodil: Extraordinary personality
Dahlia: Stylishness and smart
Daisy: Compatible for all situations
Euphorbia: A revolutionary personality
Endine: Prudence of joy
Eglantine: A book of poems
Flora: courage to stand alone
Fern: A charming face
Forsythia: Ray of hope
Gloxinia: Not easy to forget
Gardenia: Surreptitious love
Gerbera: A beautiful soul
Hyacinth: A gift for emperors
Hibiscus: Stunning look
Heliotrope: Commitment
Iris: Full of intelligence
Ipomoea: Great attachment
Ivy: A sign of companionship
Jasmine: Only love
Juniper: Infinity of love
Japonica: An honest fellow
Kennedia: Scholar of prettiness
Kalmia: Princess of flowers
Kerria: Clear vision

Lantana: Addition of love
Lily: Clarity of vision and honest
Laurel: Magnificence lady
Mimosa: Unconditional devotion
Mistletoe: Impossible to live without other half
Marigold: A blessed heart
Nosegay: Bravery
Nettle: A nasty person
Narcissus: Sugar
Oak: A welcome personality
Olive: Ambassador of harmony
Ophrys: Full of errors
Pansy: Full of fun
Poppy: World of dreams
Petunia: Fury life
Queen Anne: Dream land
Rose: Born for love
Rosemary: Celebration of love
Rosebud: Clean and clear
Sage: A loyal woman
Snowdrop: Optimistic girl
Scarlet: Give me a cuddle
Tulip: A loyal and devoted personality
Teasel: Teasing eyes
Tuberose: Risk with happiness
Violet: Reserve for humility
Verbena: Emotional response
Viscaria: Dancing lady
Wisteria: Always happy
Witch Hazel: Magic girl
Yarrow: Cure
Zinnia: Friend forever
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