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Funny Nicknames for Rude Girlfriends

This list of rude nicknames for girls is for the impolite and ego girls and soon to be for your rude girlfriend so please consider that this is not targeted at all girls, or meant to insult anyone! Some girls are so discourteous in relationships with their husbands and boyfriends! Well I was obviously correct in my opinions. Any real girl wouldn't behave rude like that especially around her guy and any real man would have apologized profusely and tried to repair the damages strait away ...I will no longer be blamed for the way she behaves & acts. What really gets me is they don't have the love words to say it to your face... they text you. In my opinion they are not good enough for you. You deserve much better. I would call it a blessing.

Most of the nicknames I'd called my girlfriend & wife over the years have been some variation of their actual name. I've never really used words like pumpkin, etc. I've used honey now and then or even sweetie once in a while, but the affectionate nickname always seemed to be a variation of their name.

Pick the funniest nicknames for your rude girlfriends!

rude names for girls
  1. Punching Pooh
  2. Bitter Smile
  3. Talkative Silence
  4. Guiltless Glory
  5. Awful Juliet
  6. Stunning Dust
  7. Rude label
  8. Sluggish Shy
  9. Corroded Clown
  10. Luck robber
  11. Splendor Naïve
  12. Hogan Assistance
  13. Jewel Thump
  14. Rating Ruby
  15. Appealing Vindictive
  16. Nasty Pearl
  17. Dashing Hen
  18. Dork Dina
  19. Gorgeous Vampirella
  20. Droning Doll
  21. Flowery Desert
  22. Irritated Kitty
  23. Mad Barbie
  24. Unable Height
  25. Terrible Sovereign
  26. Upgraded Cannon
  27. Hitler Aunt
  28. Superlative Bunny
  29. Gorilla Cousin
  30. Daddy Did
  31. Charming Slap
  32. Unsafe Lilly
  33. Storm Mom
  34. Lovely Hunter
  35. Violent Wire
  36. Indolent Identity
  37. Poisonous Pink
  38. Parrot Patriot
  39. Sadistic Sunny
  40. Pandora Girl
  41. Idle Lips
  42. Devoted Hitter
  43. Freaky Snow
  44. Dino League
  45. Strange Beauty
  46. Brutal Queen
  47. Glu Gear
  48. Daisy Dangerous
  49. Lazy Kisser
  50. Bizarre Jasmine
  51. Blameless Beauty
  52. Wild Hug
  53. Hazardous Star
  54. Paragon Pack
  55. Noble Kicker
  56. Weird Ice-cream
  57. Risky Captain
  58. Violent Wax
  59. Innocent Gangster
  60. Aggressive Princess
  61. Dangerous Ball
You may already sincerely use all these words frequently. I don't see what the fuss is all about. I'm not well traveled but when I do, people just love the way I talk. Or maybe lots of folks don't & just don't clue me in. That makes me a little sad.

You should use these nicknames for her in a polite and fun way because it's will boost up the strength of your relationship. I'm going to post some cute and little rude names on this page because you don't have instant message and I want you to read it because we all believe this and it's true. It is wonderful when you do find a girlfriend who is worth loving. But sometimes it takes time. You can usually tell if they're worth it when they do something like they did to you.

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