Funny Pokemon Names for Character

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I've decided that when I start Pokemon X, I’ll name my character either Mehn, Men. Then make a PR video just saying my name.... sparkling. It took the better part of an hour, and a chain of 92, but I caught my first ever Shiny in any Pokemon game. It is a Magikarp. And his name is Nigel. When I caught a Shiny Geodude in the wild, in Soul Silver, I named him nugget. As most know, I've been trying to breed for a shiny Purrloin. After over 250 tries, I threw in the towel and decided to breed a different Pokemon. After 16 eggs, I finally succeeded!! Meet; Charcoal my shiny Charmander and first real shiny Pokemon ever. Rodney named him, not sure if I will keep the name though? I was thinking of changing his name to Asche Zu Asche, which is German for Ashes To Ashes. I'll sleep on it...

All my friends as Pokemon trainers!

Ash: Me
Misty: Bella Rose
Dawn: Caitlyn Colson
May: Michelle Elder
Cynthia: Lily Makita
Volker: Josh Smith
Paul: Angel Castillo
Officer Jenny: Joy Robinson
Nurse Joy: Maria Claudia
Janine: Margaret Ferris
Funny Pokemon Names

Last month I name my Pokemon, and it becomes so much harder to restart the game later... Like I cried for 15 minutes when I first reset Pokemon White! Rappers are a lot like Pokemon, they communicate by repeating their name. Since it was slow at work, I decided to try and name all 151 of the original Pokemon by memory and see how well I could do before my shift ended. I ended up writing down 149 tying my previous record only missing 2. Turns out I missed Ponyta and Rapidash. Not going to lie, I am kind of ashamed of this. Oh well this time I am going to post self generated funny character names for Pokemon. You can give these cute names to any of your own favorite Pokemon characters.

Best funny Pokemon names for character!

  1. Captain Awesome
  2. Cute Dandruff
  3. Lice Princess
  4. Malta Monk
  5. Lazy Dancer
  6. Monkey Bounce
  7. Sad Sparrow
  8. Pink Crow
  9. Baby Kangaroo
  10. Snake Smile
  11. Blind Vision
  12. Ninja Donkey
  13. Master Bee
  14. Alarmed Mayer
  15. Ghost Attitude
  16. Persona Pineapple
  17. Selfish Sheep
  18. Humpty Dumpy
  19. Aquatic Sparky
  20. Clumsy Club
  21. Honey Divorce
  22. Clumsy Clench
  23. Clumsy Clue
  24. Cow Hug
  25. Clumsy Mental
  26. Clumsy
  27. Clumsy Sparky
  28. Confident Clumsy
  29. Eire Vampire
  30. Fraught Naughty
  31. Gully Naughty
  32. Happy Vampire
  33. Sis Sparky
  34. Life Clumsy
  35. Mental Mortal
  36. Nauruan Naughty
  37. Nice Sparky
  38. Plot Girl
  39. Prep Mental
  40. Sparkling Girl
  41. Sparky Clumsy
  42. Texas Tiger
  43. Sparky Spats
  44. Sparked
  45. Sparky Vegan
  46. Spayed Sparky
  47. Supreme Vampire
  48. Talk Sparky
  49. Tweet Mental
  50. Commander
  51. Fairy Circus
  52. Giraffe Award
  53. Owl Owner
  54. Killzone Leader
  55. Sparky Reptile
  56. Sparky Running
  57. Sparky Special
  58. Alligator Petition
  59. Oscar Orbit
  60. Lizard Gaga
  61. Bigfoot Shopper
  62. Marathon Lion
  63. Creepy Panda
  64. Twilight Suit
  65. Doll Drill
  66. Comedy Queen
  67. Kickstarter Bedbug
  68. Skyrim Senator
  69. Mafia Contractor
  70. Underworld Warrior
  71. Mental Brainy
  72. Volcano baby
  73. Mental Brutal
  74. Ruddy Dolphin
  75. Zombie Governor
  76. Toilet Jumper
  77. Mask of Duty
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I shouldn't joke, though, since my name doesn't lend itself to fun or even witty Pokemon nicknames. One of the suggested nicknames in Pokemon Y for my character actually was my nickname in college. If someone who has Modern Vivillons could get me a female scatter bug or any of it's evolutions that they could nickname Amelia I'd be happy to trade for that too.

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