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Every time my close friends changes their Instagram names I screen shot it, let me see how many I can collect before I post a collage if it. I have decided to create a blog which will include my artistic images, music I am working on, articles and information on making the world a better place, etc. I am trying to decide which website to use. Tumblr, Blog..? Someone suggested a Twitter account, but I really cannot bring myself to create a Twitter account (I have never liked it because it doest not allow to change your username or URL address lately). For those who blog, which website do you prefer? I have made a Tumblr before and did like the way the website worked, so I am leaning in that direction so far. Or perhaps I can rename my current Tumblr and just carry on with that one.

A good list of Tumblr Usernames or URL’s!

Good Tumblr Names

Clear Authority
Anticipating mission
Thailand Dreams
International Boss
Figment Mind
Idolater Girls
Evolution of Beauty
Relax and Stupid
Genuine Laughter Lounge
Loud and Mute
Engaged discussions
Hooked Replies
Sense of Sensor
Humor Ground
Stop showering
Molesting Music
It’s perfectly normal
Privacy Lol
Virtually impossible
Healthy perception
Discuss Weird Issues
Private Hour
Autumn Flavors
Compute in my brain
Mean Profiles
Dumb Costumes
Fake Faces
Beauty Password
Combinations of Souls
Bean burritos Blog
Gym gathering
Ashamed or embarrassed
This is insane
Experience way more
Promises and Memories
Don’t feel guilty
True believer hides
Awesome Saturday
I need Jinx
Barbie girl driving
Scroll down Fun
Sleeping late
Precious happy moments
Do they know?
Vampires himself
Name and shame
Hello Hi5
Only Cute Dudes
Weird sensation
No unnecessary arguments
Confused right now
Girls I crush on
Starts to wonder
Rash on
Love gradually began
Breakup infection
Hungry and Bored
I really miss you
Degree of scoliosis
Snuggling up
Deep Wrong Feelings
Revere truly
Forever filled with weird
Preteen gymnasts
Horrible Fans
Headache Time
I am a lucky girl

Sorting my head out
Love Antibiotics
Cage pictures
Assume disorder
Sharing my pics
Ferociously Social
Maybe feel pretty
Singer Ciara
One Direction Lab
Social school graduate
Zayn Malik Method
Harry Styles Stills
Stroke my mustache
I can't stop looking
Bet best decisions
Metal curly girl
Awesome co leader
Reflection of inner strength
Sweat for pounds
Bitty Jeans
Clean slate Queen
Found real passion
Social standing
Summarized Fun
Damnit Studio
Generation of Facebooker
Sinful lifestyle
Reincarnated Games
Crush Enforcement Institute
Absolutely incredible
Crashing uncontrollably
Miles Away from Love
Investigation Network
Happily Unloved
We combat bullying
Climbing on Hearts
Suppose a Spouse
Succeed at something
Follow without getting bored
Exceptional results
Popular image content
The best decisions
Treasure haul
Cherished Inside
Earliest wedding Album
Dumplings on Instagram
Seriously get a life
Suddenly inundated
Switch up the style
Some Mad Tramp
Pocket at college
Horrible to do
Demand anything
Secretly Established
Honor and opportunity
Models pay Time
Barely imagine

Note: Spaces are not allowed in choosing a Tumblr username, you can use underscore or dot signs to use these names for your blog.

One of my friends believes that Tumblr is not a good site and if you're unhappy for some reasons then that is dangerously the last website to visit because all the Tumblr users will do is advise you there's nothing wrong with broken hearts, hypocrisy, bullying, etc and then they'll care for you all great because you are going to self harm your personality. But according to my experience Tumblr is a great website, if you don't like some users or Tumblr blogs, simply un-follow them or you can delete your own URL and leave it be. Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and should be avoided at all times when you're tired. My mind knows this...but my mind also knows my love of social networking and the joy that posts, pictures, gifs, videos and stories give me...which allows me to sleep. A massage would be helpful too...sigh.
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