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Cute Name Ideas for a Boutique

This is another trendy collection of cute names ideas for clothing boutiques, so stop generating awkward names for your business from online name generators. Woman totally only dress the way they do to impress and attract men. Not because, you know, they like it and it makes them happy. Cute Boutique Name ideas! Scotty TrendyDay TeenUpon FashionFive FashionFashion FasciaFashioner FunIndian Teen ShowFrench GirlyLittle MexicanBroad SwissPunjabi PetalsZero OddFashion WizGlowing CistBezant ElegantBoard SweetBrilliant SweetCoptic PoeticCystic PoeticDiscover DiscoDiscover StoverDiscover VintageUrban DubaiDiscover WeaverElegant rantElegant DiscoverElegant FeistyElegant antFighter ElegantLatina SweetMad VintageOutfit OutbackScent TenOutfit OutfoxOutfit OuthaulOutfit OutpostOutfitter VanPlay OutfitPoetic AnticPoetically PetPorticos PanPoetic PoesyShove DiscoverSpecials SweetSweetbreadSweatbandSweetmeatWomanly WowSweet MoreSweet OutfitGlowing dupeGlowing LineIcing fulsomeLegion FashionLine Chick…

KiK Usernames Hold by Naughty Girls

Kik is basically a straight person to person messenger like texting, but free the only thing is if the persons not there it's just like IM from Facebook. It tells you the time, person, and what ever the message is, hope that's helps. If you are looking for some real naughty Kik girls usernames, please read some important notes before meat a cute girl on KIK messenger.
Most annoying KiK messages girls send to me are:
1. "What’s your definition of freak?”...Are there like 500 different meanings I'm not aware of because I am pretty sure if I call someone ugly there not going to ask me "what’s your definition of ugly" it means exactly what it means a freak is a FREAK!
2. "You have to earn that”... Wtf is this grand theft auto 8 and I have to complete certain missions to unlock your heart lmao!
3. "Why are you a freak I thought you respected girls?”... This is the most annoying one. Since when does being a freak mean your disrespecting women? People wa…

Cute Names for Female Pitbulls

This is another try of creating a great super list of unique and cool names for female dogs. People who think Rottweilers and Pitbulls are bad dogs have obviously never owned one. If you teach them to love, they will love. No different than any other breed. People that tell me that I should Spay/neuter my dogs should be glad I'm a humble person. Everyone seems to forget if there aren't any good pitbulls being bred, they will cease to exist one day. It’s terrible how many dogs are homeless but once again that's the owners fault. I help dogs find families all the time and always will but one day I will own a kennel with amazing fully trained beautiful pitbull puppies that will protect our family and children and will never be a threat to them. I will always do my part in helping with rescues but I do not agree with an anti-breeding anything. Yes I do believe it should be fiercely regulated but if anyone has a problem with what I do with my extremely pampered and amazing ani…